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Coopnet is the name of the solution used by employees of the Orange Group for their meetings remotely.

Coopnet is used in addition to simple telephone conversations, conferences three, audio conferencing or videoconferencing, and can show and share remote computer or desktop applications, see the entire Windows desktop.

In 2016, 1,210,000 conferences were organized for purely internal needs of the Group, participating in improved productivity and responsiveness, and thereby avoiding numerous trips.

Coopnet allows to invite in conference non Orange participants (customers, suppliers, etc ...)

Coopnet relies on Orange Business Services offers: Multimedia Conference







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attend a conference

Access to Coopnet conference takes place after entering the conference name and associated password provided to you by Orange organizer from the Internet URL.


required conditions :

The homepage Coopnet is open from the Internet URL


path to follow :

· enter the name of the conference (respecting upper case, lower case and spaces)

· Enter the password provided

· click "participate"



expected result:

3 cases are possible:

1) Your name is not known: see § identification

2) The software is not already installed on your workstation See § installation of the software

3) The software is installed, and your identity is declined, then the next page appears



The number of bridge audio conferencing (or video conference) associated with the conference is recalled, you can call.

then click "Submit" to join the cooperative work tool, which is in this form:


For information on the operation of the cooperative working tool, see the user documentation placed in the "support" tab.


Note: for safety reasons, the function allows you to ask the "control" of an application (or desktop) shared by another conference participant is not offered to the guests, like you, connecting from internet . This option is only for internal users of Orange.



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The preliminary identification is required. It allows you to appear in the list of conference participants.


path to follow :

·Refine your identity: title, name, email address.

·Remember, if necessary, your identity on your computer, so that this operation is not required of you at an upcoming conference participation Coopnet



expected result:

Your full name will be displayed in the list of participants (here Mr James BOND).





Also during a new connection Coopnet, you are already logged in. This appears in the gray upper band.


NB: You can delete this identification that will be required of you for later use by clicking on "disconnect" the right of the gray band. This may be necessary in case of change of user name, or simply for a correction of the spelling of following an input error.



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software installation


Using Coopnet requires prior installation of software. It is launched automatically and takes less than 2 minutes. This operation is required to first use or when the version changes.



If you can not install the software (eg because of insufficient administrative rights on your computer), or you do not want to install the software, you can still participate in "HTML 5 mode" ( you see perfectly shared applications or projected documents), but you do not have advanced features that allow you, yourself, share an application or project documents to other participants).


path to follow :

Be guided during the installation by validating each time windows which open:


Two cases:

·         If you click "join with installation," you start the standard installation (With possibility to use the advanced features)

·         If you click "join free installation," you can join the conference (without advanced features) in HTML5 mode


Case 1: Standard Installation

 Caution in this case, only Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are supported in Windows (XP or Vista)

(If necessary, consult technical prerequisites here )



Case 2: Mode HTML5 Installation

NB: In this mode all browsers that support HTML5 compatible (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)

You enter directly into conference.


expected result:

Case 1: Standard installation

After an information window indicates that the installation was successful, you can use Coopnet and join the conference to which you were invited.



NB: Installing or updating the COOPNET cooperative work tool may require administrator rights according to your organization's security policy.

If you do not have the necessary rights to your workstation with an operating system type Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Vista, you need to ask your administrator to install the cooperative work tool on your desktop .

For this installation by "setup" is available here

After the initial installation, you can use Coopnet without having administrator privileges on your workstation.



Case 2: HTML5 mode installation

You join the conference:



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The Support section provides access to the online documentation, and provides a diagnostic tool that can be used in case of problems when calling for support.

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